The Oversight and Advisory Committee includes three seats for youth members: Two members age 19 or under, and one seat for a transitional age youth age 18-24. We are currently looking to fill one of the youth seats and the TAY seat.  The Youth Commission is leading the recruitment and selection process. The application is available online and can be found < here >. Below is a small blurb about the OAC:

Members of the OAC are responsible for:

  • Monitoring and participating in the administration of the Children and Youth Fund
  • Reviewing the budget, governance, and policies of DCYF
  • Taking steps to ensure that the Children and Youth Fund is administered in a manner accountable to the community


In short, members of the OAC make sure that the Children and Youth fund is put to the purpose that voters intended—providing the children and youth of San Francisco with high quality services and programs; and that the community has a say in decision-making about how the fund will be used.


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