MOPLICITY seeks to explore the complex and varied arrangements of African American families and how they are valued both within the community and from outside.

MOPLICITY plans to shift appreciation for African American family lives and the ways misperceptions have impacted availability of medical care, especially for young women.

PUSH Dance Company has worked with the young mothers of The Village at 3rd Street to create visual and audio expressions of their stories & experiences with the medical care system, their communties, and the larger world.

Doors open at 5:40

WHAT: Moplicity, a collaboration between PUSH Dance Company and 3rd St Youth Center & Clinic.

WHEN: An informal showing, 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Doors open at 5:40pm.

WHERE:3rd St Youth Center & Clinic, 1728 Bancroft Avenue, SF 94124.

TICKETS: Free, but you must RSVP. 


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