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November 03, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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The 16th Annual African American Art & Culture Complex Holiday Youth Performance Fair is the largest and longest-running holiday gathering of its kind in San Francisco’s historically African-American Fillmore District. Each year, carnival rides, fun games, meals and over 2500 free toys are proved to hundreds of San Francisco’s most under-served children and families.

The 16th Annual AAACC Holiday Youth Performance Fair will support the San Francisco’s only Afrocentric youth arts programs. Our center is the proud home of some of SF’s premiere youth companies including Project Level, PUSH Dance Youth Outreach, Village Dancers, Larkin Bushido, Soul Champ. Fight Like a Girl and others.

Since 1972, The Center has been a hub for African-American artistic and cultural expression in San Francisco.

In 2001, during a substantial uptick in local youth violence, Supervisor London Breed created the AAACC Holiday Fair as a way to celebrate the youth arts education and the holiday spirit while bringing the community together.

Over the last fourteen years, with the dramatic loss of Black art organizations (100,000 to less than 38,000), Black cultural institutions and the overall African-American population in San Francisco, the AAACC Holiday Fair has continued to grow into the largest and longest-running event of its kind.

Each year the community gathers at the AAACC Holiday Youth Performance Fair to celebrate its children, its artists, its accomplishments and its future in the vibrant city it continues to shape.

African American Art & Culture Complex

The African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) is a community based, 501(c)3 arts and cultural organization. Our mission is to empower our community through Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, mediums, education and programming. We are dedicated to inspiring children and youth to serve as agents of change, cultivating their leadership skills and fostering a commitment to community service and activism. In addition, we encourage, support and promote the work of young, aspiring Bay Area artists. We also strive to develop partnerships with organizations that are similarly committed to our mission, and offer our space to the community for special events.

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