Program Leader Job Description

Job Title: Program Leader
Report to: Site Coordinator/Program Manager (immediate supervisor) Program Director Starting Wage: $15.00 hourly, 23.5 hours per week
Work hours: Monday-Friday 1:30-6:00pm

General Overview: Under the direction of the Summer Director/Program Director, the Program Leader will design, plan and implement daily literacy infused academic lessons, afternoon enrichment activates, recreational, social and emotional and community based projects for all students enrolled in their grade level group and prepared for as many as 20 students. Program Leaders will provide opportunities for students to develop and strengthen skills in all areas of their development with a 10 to 1 student teacher ratio with the support of program volunteers and a second program leader.

Job Responsibilities:

  •   Development weekly lesson plans under the supervision of the Summer Director and advising of program leader team
  •   Lead organized literacy based activities 4 hours a week for students to strengthen reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  •   Participate in weekly staff meeting with Summer Director to discuss and address students support, attendance and volunteer supervision and support
  •   Must implement discipline structure, program and classroom expectations at all times
  •   Participate in and evaluate the effectiveness of program activities and events.
  •   Distribute and collect survey’s from various stakeholders in the program (parents, family members,students and volunteers)
  •   Instruct students daily on the importance of safety and the proper use of supplies and equipment at theprogram
  •   Communicate all program events and activities to students and their families
  •   Maintain daily attendance sheets and orderly records with student emergency contact information
  •   Report any and all incident reports
  •   Maintain a clean, safe and friendly work environment for all program participants
  •   Interact professionally and appropriately with parents, teachers, volunteers and community partners
  •   Perform related duties as assignedThe effectiveness of this position should be measured by:
  •   Enthusiastic families who recommend the program to others in the community
  •   An attractive and orderly program environment
  •   Measureable progress in the children’s social, academic, physical and behavioral abilities
  •   The level of intentional skill building should be displayed throughout the entire program
  •   Program maintained at capacity enrollment at high quality standardsQualifications:

    ● At least 2 years of college coursework, with 6 units in ECE (Early Childhood
    Education) or equivalent
    ● Minimum 1 year experience working with diverse groups of youth in an organized Setting/after school program or classroom
    ● Able to implement and supervise a positive learning environment, incorporating academics, Enrichment and recreational activities for students Kindergarten-5th grade.
    ● Health Screening/TB Clearance
    ● Background/Fingerprint Clearance
    ● CPR certification required (every two years)

Email resume and cover letter to Silena Layne at  Questions regarding this position may also be emailed to Silena.

To learn more about Up On Top, see their website here .

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