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The Great Tech Community Challenge                                     
Dear Friends,

Today we’re thrilled to announce The Great Tech Community Challenge, Hack the Hood’s 30-day campaign to raise $50,000 for more year-round programming!We’re launching this peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaign to bring people together in support of area young people of color. You can get started now as a fundraiser, team captain, or by simply donating! Then challenge your friends, colleagues, and others to join in.

Whether you raise $50 or $500, taking part in this campaign will make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of young people. Every dollar you raise goes towards more workshops, field trips, and increased mentoring for youth. Not to mention that it makes you eligible to win some fun rewards!

Learn more about the campaign here and start building your page today. Together, let’s rise to the challenge of creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

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