I am reaching out the MO MAGIC FAMILY to get your assistance in spreading the word about a position with us!
School Health Programs and Mentoring For Success launched Healthy Choices AmeriCorps last school year. 20 AmeriCorps Members worked with Mentoring, Foster Youth Services, TUPE, and 40 schools to build positive relationships with students, coordinate student programs, and work with School Social Workers, Teachers on Special Assignment and Nurses to improve school climate. This was a skilled group of people–a quarter of them are headed to grad school and a quarter of them are coming back to work with us for a second term of service. It has been an amazing opportunity for them to get their feet wet while helping us meet our respective goals.
Now we’re looking to hire another excellent cohort of people to support the work of School Health Programs, and we’d like your help. Do you have a friend or family member who’s looking to follow in your footsteps? Do they want to become a Social Worker, Nurse, Teacher, CHOW….? Becoming an AmeriCorps Member with Healthy Choices AmeriCorps is a great first step. So please let them know about our position!
I have attached a flyer and position description to this message. I hope you’ll spend a couple minutes thinking about some of the recent grads you know, or friends with a child doing a gap year who would thrive working with youth, and send this information along.
It really is an excellent opportunity for us to give worthwhile experience to the folks we want to work with in the future, while giving them a leg up to pay for college or grad school.
Thanks in advance for considering my request!

Harvey Lozada

District Coordinator

Mentoring for Success

Student, Family & Community Support Department

San Francisco Unified School District

phone:   415-242-2615, ext. 3216



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