This will be my last email about the East Bay Stand Down, but  first I’d like to thank you all for the out-pour of warm and willing responses to my last call to service.  You’re all appreciated.


  •     Attached you’ll find the flyer for EBSD Pre-registration.  Many of you have requested information regarding referring your clients and members.

       Registration is Happening NOW!!  Keep in mind that participants can only get into the East Bay Stand Down with an entrance ticketThere are 450 – 500 slots, but they fill up pretty quickly.


  •    The title “East Bay Stand Down” refers to the location of the event.

 Veterans from all over the bay will be participating.  The EBSD serves the whole Bay Area.

On the morning of the event,  buses will be at various pick up sites in SF, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Stockton, Peninsula and in East Bay in efforts of accommodating our veterans.


  • Also attached you will also find the handout, “UNDERSTANDING YOUR CLIENT’S MILITARY BACKGROUND”. As we shift to providing trauma informed services to all clients  – know that integrating a simple question about the military status of the client (or their caretaker) should be a critical component of any intake, and something  which could better assist us in serving our clients and members.


  •    The East Bay Stand Down (EBSD)  has a special  focus on outreach to veterans who are not connected to the VA and Veteran informed services. Please keep in mind that not all veteran’s identity themselves as such, nor do they access VA services. We ask that you please distribute this Pre-registration flyer widely to community based organizations, churches, markets, and anywhere there are veterans (or loved ones of veterans).


Finally, the Women and Family Coordinator of EBSD is specifically looking for more volunteers. Please go to the EBSD website: http://www.eastbaystanddown.org/  to sign up to help out with this need, as well as other volunteer opportunities.

Thank you. We appreciate you for this and all that you do.   .



Omolade Rosalyn Roddy, LCSW

Citywide Health & Community Wellness Counselor

African American Holistic Wellness Program

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA  / Huntersview Family Center

1601 Lane Street, SF. Calif. 94124

(d) 415.822.7728    (f) 415.822.7769 ext. 253


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