Please join District Attorney George Gascón and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office in our effort to bring awareness to the Red Zone, and help us put an end to sexual assault on college campuses! The Red Zone is the first 6 weeks of college when Freshmen and Sophomores are the most at risk of sexual assault.


With summer wrapping up, the Red Zone is almost here.  We have initiated a social media campaign to raise awareness of the Red Zone and sexual assault on college campuses. In support of survivors and to promote awareness and prevention, members of our office and the community can use the attached image as their profile picture (the DA and I have changed our profile pictures already) and share using the following hashtags until the end of the Red Zone.


If you have Facebook or Twitter, we hope you will consider participating in this important social media campaign by sharing the attached image and hashtags with your family, colleagues and friends. Please encourage them to do the same and join the movement to spread awareness!


Additionally our office, with the help of members of our Women’s Advisory Board, plans to host a Red Zone Awareness Event on a college campus in the Fall for students. If you would like to attend or participate in that event, please contact me!


For more information, please visit


#1in4   #NoConsentNoExcuse  #SFDA Combating Sexual Assault on College Campuses



Thank you!!

Marisa Rodriguez



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