Watch, and listen in on a conversation that took place at San Francisco’s MOAD (Museum Of The African Diaspora) between pioneer journalist, and San Francisco’s own, Belva Davis, and Dr. Maya Angelou’s only child, Guy Johnson. The event was titled “Caged Bird Legacy: Continuing the Life Work of Dr. Maya Angelou.” Guests included actor Delroy Lindo, former San Francisco Mayor, Willie Lewis Brown, Jr., and performance artist Dicasso. It was standing-room-only, and MAGICAL!

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Before Columbus Foundation in association with the African American Center of the San Francisco Public Library organized a gathering of artists, intellectuals, and activists ostensibly to discuss their essay contributions to the anthology of BLACK HOLLYWOOD UNCHAINED, edited by Ishmael Reed. What ensued was an extraordinary exposition of ideas and argument exploring the great triumphs and failures of African Americans in the global media. Lucid, imaginative, and highly original commentary on history, art, politics, and the most salient issues of our times are rigorously deciphered. Often in surprising and provocative ways. Featured guests are Justin Desmanglels, Jesse Douglas Allen-Taylor, Halifu Osumare, Marvin X Jackmon, as well as the aforementioned Ishmael Reed.

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The 2016 SFBFF (San Francisco Black Film Festival) and San Francisco’s Congregation Emanu-El viewed a film entrant titled AMERICA NEEDS A RACIAL FACIAL by San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, and a short video brought by attorney Jacq Wilson titled ADVOCATES FOR JUSTICE. Interim San Francisco Chief of Police Toney Chaplin couldn’t attend the RACIAL FACIAL screening, however, a video clip of him sharing his experience of police racial profiling as viewed. Journalist Jackie Wright moderated a panel that addressed the issue of racial bias and racial profiling.

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