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“Like plants, communities and people need support and care in order to grow. Life is like a plant, in that it never stops growing if it is cared for.”  —  T.J., Spring 2016 BEETS program participant

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CommunityGrows BEETS Program

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Teens like T.J. deserve support and care, which is why I write to ask for your support of our BEETS program. We’re making some exciting changes – extending the session length and thereby deepening our engagement with participating teens. Your help is needed now so we can best serve next session’s youth. Take an important step.

Our summer 2016 BEETS cohort is in session and working together to plan the first ever CommunityGrows Youth Summit at Alemany Farm in July!

This group will facilitate and lead workshops with their peers on permaculture, water conservation and food justice. If you donate $250 or more you will be listed as a sponsor for the event!

Donate $250 or more and be listed as our sponsor!
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