Hello City friends,
The Academy is hosting our first Diversity and Inclusion job fair for individuals with disabilities.  You are welcome to come to the event, especially the short program at 9:30 AM.  Also, please feel free to forward to others you think may be interested and further details are in the attached flyer or here.

In the last four years, the California Academy of Sciences created a career pathway from youth through adulthood for individuals in the access community. We have had 21 talented individuals come through our job development program and we’re growing every year. Several of them are now employed at the Academy and others are looking to apply their experience at the Academy to a similar organization.

New jobs are finite especially in one organization. This event was born out of a single idea- What if all the museums and cultural institutions gathered together to support this important community in inclusive hiring? Our impact will be so much greater together.

We hope you will join us and spread the word as we gather job-seekers and employers to further raise awareness and opportunity for this community.



415-379-5390 / awolfrum@calacademy.org


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