The killing of Mario Woods prompted the establishing of a Blue Ribbon Panel (three judges) to investigate and to report to the District Attorney and to the public on concerns related to potential racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation bias of members of the San Francisco Police Department. We were there at the first meeting to hear what attorneys, the judges, and the public had to say. Surprising findings by the attorneys.


WHAT WAS OURS is a film that was featured at the 14th Annual USF Human Rights Festival. It is the story of a young Arapaho journalist and powwow princess who travel from the Wind River Reservation with a Shoshone elder and Vietnam veteran, to explore thousands of artifacts removed from their people in the archives of a museum. The three uncover ancestral objects kept in boxes for many years, setting each on a journey to discover their true purpose. The film is a beautiful, haunting and positive portrait of an unseen world that is often portrayed negatively by the media.

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