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Separate from our previous request for comments on potential areas for regulation under Title I of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the U.S. Department of Education (ED) is seeking your input on areas of the law on which we could provide non-regulatory guidance to assist States, districts and other grantees in understanding and implementing the new law.

As you may know, non-regulatory guidance is not binding and does not impose any new requirements beyond those in the law and regulations; rather, it is intended to help the public understand the law, how ED is interpreting the law, and to provide clarification and examples of best practices.  We invite you to share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on areas or specific new requirements of the ESSA that you think would benefit from such guidance.  For example, ED seeks input on:  ways to expand early learning; strategies to recruit, develop, and retain teachers and leaders (Title II); clarification of fiscal requirements; student support services (Title IV); and other areas where state and local agencies could benefit from additional guidance. In addition, ED plans on developing guidance regarding students in foster care, homeless children and youth, and English Learners (Title III).

Please provide your input by sending an email message to, noting the topic area(s) in the subject line. Also, please include within the body of your email message, your name and, if applicable, the organization on behalf of which you are submitting comments. In order for your feedback to have the most impact, we encourage you to submit your comments by May 25, 2016.

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