I am a Human Resources personnel analyst recruiting for the Port of San Francisco; as well as a SFSU alumni. I was hoping that you had a job board  where the following position could be shared:


1824 Principal Administrative Analyst, Capital Manager


Position Description:

Under general direction, the Capital Manager, manages, plans, and performs difficult, complex, sensitive, and detailed analytical work related to the Port’s $2 billion 10-year capital plan and biennial capital budget.   The essential functions of this position include: monitoring capital expenditures, project budgets and financial projections; analyzing documents, public financing tools, future capital needs and funding requirements; updating the City’s capital planning database and narrative; preparing staff reports and presentations for the Port Commission; managing the capital budget; reviewing and analyzing budget requests; analyzing and coordinating multiple-source capital projects; developing and implementing budgetary controls to ensure that capital expenditures are fiscally sound; assisting Port staff in planning, implementing and resolving their mid-year ongoing capital project funding needs; and monitoring contracts with regard to budget and fiscal considerations; and providing written and oral recommendations on complex administrative and financial issues; and other related duties as assigned.




Please let me know if you are interested.

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