Aim High is partnering with Willie Brown Middle School and the Bayview Beacon to offer our summer program at the school this summer. This will be one of our 8 locations in San Francisco. They are currently looking for teachers for this summer at all levels. This includes High School students, College Students and Lead Teachers. Please see below for more information.
WHO: Aim High
WHAT: Summer Job Announcement: Lead Teachers (Adults); Teaching Interns (College Students); Teaching Assistants (High School students)
WHERE: Willie Brown Middle School
WHEN: 6/13-7/22 (1 Week Training, 5 Weeks Program)
CONTACT: (Visit us at
NOTES:  Our program combines engaging and challenging academic classes with enriching activities and events that create opportunities for leadership development and community exploration. This is a great opportunity for new teachers who want to gain hands-on experience leading a classroom, planning lessons, and working with other teachers. Students join Aim High after 5th or 6th grade, and participate for three or four consecutive summers for free. Teachers teach four core classes (Math, Science, Humanities, Issues & Choices) through a co-teaching model, and lead afternoon activities for our students. Our faculty also ensure our CORE values (Community, Opportunity, Respect, and High Expectations) are brought to life. Our teachers deliver hands-on and project-based curriculum that is relevant and interesting to youth, while also building skills necessary for success in middle and high school.
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