I would like to inform you of a FREE summer program offered to high school students! We are looking to get more African American Students involved! The Accounting Career Awareness Program has been around for over 20 years educating minority students in the Accounting, Finance and Business career fields. Please pass this opportunity to any high school students that are in your care! See the application attached for more information or visit our website atwww.acapsfbayarea.org

ACAP Program Information: Application is Due April 29, 2016.

The Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) is an innovative career development program designed specifically for minority students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year in high school in August or September 2016. The program’s primary goal is to increase the number of underrepresented students of color that attend college and major in accounting, finance or business. The 2016 ACAP summer residency week will be held at the University of California at Berkeley from July 10 – July 15, 2016. The summer residency program will include supervised corporate visits, team building activities, lectures and fun. And it’s FREE.

ACAP will:
• Create awareness to the vast opportunities available in the accounting, finance and business profession;
• Allow you to leverage accounting and finance concepts within your everyday life for financial empowerment;
• Generate opportunities to develop networking skills to assist in building relationships for future educational/professional advancement; and
• Provide you with the opportunity to move one step closer to understanding your career passion to prepare for college.

If you have any questions, please contact myself via email.


Anthony Amaro

Anthony Amaro

African American Postsecondary Pathway Coordinator


Email:  amaroa@sfusd.edu

MBSK African American Postsecondary Pathway


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