Family Economic Success Site Certification
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Family Economic Success
Site Certification Training Series

The San Francisco Family Economic Success Coordinating Council is a unique collaboration of public agencies, private funders, and city-wide nonprofits that are committed to improving the economic well-being of low-income families in San Francisco. Current membership includes:

  • First 5 San Francisco
  • San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
  • Mission Asset Fund
  • Mission Economic Development Agency
  • San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment
  • San Francisco Family Support Network
  • United Way of the Bay Area

The San Francisco Family Economic Success (FES) Coordinating Council has developed a network of service providers trained to provide comprehensive and quality support for families to promote their economic success. These sites are certified to provide information and referrals about benefits and programs in the following areas:

  • Asset-Building; tax credits, college savings, and home-ownership
  • Basic Needs; CalFresh, nutrition, and housing
  • Financial Education; payday loan alternatives, credit counseling, and budgeting
  • Health; Medi-Cal, Covered California, and Healthy San Francisco
  • Income Supports; CalWorks, child care subsidy, and money-savings programs
  • Workforce Development; vocational training, job readiness, and career counseling.

By successfully completing this program, sites of community-based organizations will be certified, creating nexus points for quality FES service provision throughout the city for San Francisco families.
Staff members from each site will successfully complete a series of 8 trainings: 6 FES topic trainings, one on Enhanced Information and Referral, and the certification training on the Family Economic Success Standards of Quality.

  • Each site will participate in the annual San Francisco Family Economic Success Forum in May.
  • Each site is encouraged to have at least 2 staff members participate at each training, if possible.
  • There is no deadline for completing the FES Site Certification Program.
  • Site certification is valid for 1 year from the date of completion.

Who Should Attend?

Programs that work with families on economic issues, such as, but not limited to, Family Resource Centers, Family Support Programs, Community Centers, Comprehensive and Neighborhood Access Points, and Community Economic Development Agencies.

NOTE: Staff members are welcome to participate in the FES trainings, even if your site is not pursuing certification.



What are the benefits for the sites? 

  • Enhanced FES knowledge to support families
  • Access to updates on benefits/program changes
  • Window signage and ability to identify publicly as a Certified FES Site
  • Recognition as a Certified FES Site on the San Francisco Family Support Network (SFFSN) website
  • Opportunities to connect with other Certified FES Sites for mutual support, peer learning, and information/resource sharing

What does it cost? 

The nominal fee for each training is $25.


How can my site get started? 
Submit a completed FES Site Certification Agreement to the SFFSN.
The SFFSN will help you track your progress toward completing the program.

  • To obtain FES Site Certification Agreement form: Click Here
  • To obtain FES Fact Sheet: Click Here

To Register for Upcoming FES Trainings:
NOTE:  New and returning SFFSN members and agencies interested in enrolling in the FES Site Certification program will receive the upcoming training on Friday, March 25th Free!  Contact: Marcell Urbina at 415-437-4824 or, to enroll in program today!

3/25: Helping Families to Access Credit Counseling & Asset Building Resources :
Register Here  New and returning members contact for free registration.
4/21: Helping Families to Access Employment and Training Resources :
Register Here
5/24: Helping Families to Access Basic Needs:
Register Here
6/2: Helping Families to Access Public Health Benefits and Programs:
Register Here
6/16: FES Certification Training:
Register Here

Annual FES Event:
5/13: Family Economic Success Forum : Register Here

FES Certified Sites:
For those sites that are already certified, it is required that you attend the Family Economic Success Learning Community meetings to remain updated on the information you are providing clients.
FES Learning Community Meetings:
3/17: To Register Click Here
5/20: To Register Click Here

If you would like more information regarding the Family Economic Success Site Certification Program, please contact Director of Training, Dr. Martina Ayala at

For information regarding registration contact Administrative Associate, Marcell Urbina at 437-4824.

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