March 7, 2016
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Trainer Spotlight
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Megan Marotta
Program Director
Building Futures Now

We are excited to highlight one of our newly endorsed trainers, Megan Marotta. Megan was first introduced to CalSAC through her organization’s participation in the English Learner Project. Her connection to CalSAC’s mission inspired her to become a CalSAC Trainer herself. She is currently involved with the Science Action Club Project as both an Agency and Trainer and has led trainings on the new Energenius OST Programcurriculum. Here is what Megan has to say about her experience as a Trainer in the last year:

Q: What have you gained from working in the Trainer Network?
A: I have gained so much from working in the Trainer Network. I am continually impressed and grateful for the opportunity to have access to high quality curriculum, dedicated CalSAC staff, and other trainers who I can learn from. I have made meaningful friendships, as well as know that any CalSAC project or event I participate in will challenge me to grow both professionally and personally. Being part of this network is truly something special. It keeps me inspired!

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give anyone who is a new CalSAC Trainer?
A: Take advantage of the opportunities provided and get to know the CalSAC staff. The staff are such a great resource and amazing people. In addition, everything you put into your journey as a trainer, you will get back. You have to be willing to put in the effort, be vulnerable at times, and advocate for yourself when you need help. As a network, we are all connected and want to see each person succeed.

Program Opportunities
Energenius® OST Program
Lead one of the new training modules for an agency in your area! We are excited to bring this new FREE environmental STEM curriculum to  PG&E service areas throughout the state. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the environment, families save on their energy bills and you can earn a stipend or hours toward endorsement – it’s the complete package!Encourage agencies in your area to request an on-site training today!

NEW FREE Trainings Available
Join us in welcoming our 54 new unendorsed Trainers! This passionate group of out-of-school time professionals gathered for three powerful days of training in Fresno just last month. They are excited to go out into their communities and strengthen their local programs by providing FREE on-site trainings. Help them complete their endorsement process – request a FREE training at your agency today!

We now have 34 modules available to request for FREE including the Summer Quality Programming Series. Click on the link below to find out more.
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For more information about any of these programs, contact Selena Levy at or 510-444-4622 ext 108.




Leadership Opportunities
LDI 360-365square
Join us in celebrating emerging leaders in the OST field by attending the LDI 360/365 Recognition Ceremony, March 25 at Lake Chalet in downtown Oakland to gather and network with other professionals who believe that a social-emotional and character development framework is key to the success of the OST field and the communities we serve. Get tickets.
Applications for the 2016-17 LDI 360/365 cohort will open in spring 2016.

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For more information about leadership opportunities, contact Samantha Frias at or 510-444-4622 ext 110.

Chapter News and Events
Refuel Your Vision, Jumpstart Your Mission!
CalSAC’s Greater Area Sacramento Chapter is hosting their 1st annual Spring Conference on March 16 in Orangevale. This half day conference will feature expanded learning workshops, roundtable discussions, networking, vendors, and much more!
Conference topics will focus on:
  • Family engagement
  • Hands on projects/Reuse of materials
  • Network/Project sharing

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For more information about chapters, contact Samantha Frias at or 510-444-4622 ext 110.

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