Location: Fell and Laguna
December 9 -12, 2015 – 12pm – 5pm

Hayes Valley Art Works, the temporary arts incubator at Fell and Laguna. The site looks amazing and it has been wonderful to connect and collaborate with so many of you.

I’d like to invite you to stop by the site again sometime soon. Come by whenever we are open to do or not do anything. You can paint something, have a seat under a tree, chat with neighbors and curious visitors, take pictures, plan a workshop or lend a creative hand as we work together on many projects to decorate and beautify the space.

We will be open this week Wednesday through Saturday (Dec 9-12) from 12-5pm.

We’ve posted a full schedule on the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association’s website at:
http://hayesvalleysf.org/events/month/ .

All of our upcoming open days are also on the back page of the latest issue of The Hayes Valley Voice. You can get your copy at: http://hayesvalleysf.org/read-the-decemberjanuary-voice-flyer/2015/11/ .

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