DCYF is accepting applications for Coaches to assist your Fall Program. 

Fall is here. Program is in full swing. Maybe you are not fully staffed. Maybe attendance is great but behavior is out of control. Maybe you are ready to move to the next level with professional development and parent engagement. Apply for a coaching award to:

1. Have a coach work with you to design a program schedule that works for the staffing you have now
2. Develop a toolbox of interview questions (including scenarios, questions, and demonstration tasks) to help you hire the right folks with more efficiency
3. Think through an orientation training for in-coming staff that works around your daily program schedule
4. Use pre-designed curriculum to create intentional, QSA-Aligned academic enrichments.

 If you get stuck filling out the application, feel free to connect with Aminta to talk through your ideas:  510-965-5987  aminta@bethechangeconsulting.com


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