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Application for Retired USF Computers

Apply by Friday, Dec. 4 at 5 p.m. »

In early 2016, the University of San Francisco will donate retired desktop computers, PC and Apple laptops, iPads (older models), and projectors, to off-campus organizations or university outreach projects that meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Are directly associated with USF
  • Provide ongoing learning and service opportunities for USF students and faculty
  • Support USF’s mission, vision, and values
  • Show an ongoing commitment to utilizing the computers effectively

Note: Stand-alone K-12 charter schools, K-12 KiPP schools, and K-12 schools that are NOT part of a state or federal funded school district are eligible to apply.

We welcome the USF community to forward this email to organizations that may be interested in applying for donated computers.

All equipment is provided as-is, without software (except the originally installed operating system), warranties, or technical support services. All retired computers for donation are desktop computers, not laptops. The computers will come with a keyboard and mouse. Monitors and printers are not available.

To apply for USF retired computers, organizations must please provide the following:

  1. Requestor name and contact information
  2. How/where did you hear about this program?
  3. A brief description of your organization and its affiliation, if any, with USF
  4. A description of how your organization provides learning and service opportunities for USF students and faculty, if applicable
  5. An explanation of how your organization contributes to USF’s mission, vision, and values
  6. An explanation of how the computers will be used by the organization, including who will install and support them
  7. A specific number of computers that you are requesting. Please do not leave it at “whatever is available”
  8. Any other specifications, such as Mac or PC preference, processor speed, or form factor (size/shape)
  9. A signed statement that the organization will recycle the equipment appropriately when they are no longer of use to the recipient

Applications should be submitted via e-mail to by Friday, Dec. 4. All requests will be reviewed by the Retired Computer Allocation Committee and the applicants informed of the outcome by the end of the calendar year. To check the status of your request, send an e-mail to

Thank you,
Information Technology Services

Please note that the purpose of this program is to benefit organizations affiliated with but outside of USF. If you need a computer for use at USF or on the USF wide area network, please follow the instructions described on our website »

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