Do you know any young adults 18 to 25 that need their high school diploma and paid job training? 

Please spread the word to anyone interested in earning their High School diploma or paid job training that the SFCC will be having our next orientation for new participants on November 9th   

Those interested in being invited to our next orientation will need to attend an information sessions this Thursday, November  5that @ 1: 30pm


The SFCC provides young adults with an opportunity to EARN WHILE THEY LEARN.

Enrolling in the SFCC provides access to:

  • Earning a High School Diploma
  • PAID Work Experience (up to $200/week)
  • Pre-Apprentice Training (Certifications)
  • Career Planning
  • Job Placement Support


  • Ages 18 to 25 (preferred)
  • WITHor WITHOUT a high school diploma (Without HS Diploma are preferred)
  • Commit to a minimum of 32 hours per week
  • Participate in physical work (recycling, landscaping)

School Enrollment Only Option

If interest is to only earn a high school diploma, enrollment as a student in the SFCC Academy is also available.  Academy eligibility:

  • Ages 16 to 25
  • Commit to 30 hours per week


How to Apply?

  • Enrollment process begins every THURSDAY- 1:30 pm at our 102 Fort Mason location.

Bus Routes to Fort Mason

  • 49 Mission/Van Ness – Get off at Van Ness & Bay St.
  • 47 Van Ness – Get off at Van Ness and Bay St.
  • 30 Stockton – Get off at Van Ness & Chestnut – walk to Bay St. and make left
  • 45 Union/Stockton – Get off at Van Ness and Union St

For more information or to request a SFCC presentation at your organization, please call or email Don Sanders at 415-928-7417 x316 

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