The City & County of San Francisco is hiring

2706 Housekeepers/Food Service Cleaners

Salary Range: $40,690.00 – $49,374.00 Yearly

Positions are located at SFO and Hetch Hetchy

Accepting Applications:

April 27, 2015- May 1, 2015


Interested in Applying?


  • Visit the City and County of San Francisco’s Employment Page:


  • Click “Notify Me of New Jobs” then type in “2706”.
  • Click on the job description link and sign up your email for a job opening notification

Job Requirements:

Experience:  One (1) year of verifiable experience in cleaning at a food court or restaurant; OR
One (1) year of verifiable experience in general cleaning and housekeeping at a government or private institutional facility (such as schools, libraries, hospitals, airports, etc.) or a large commercial facility (such as stadiums, auditoriums, arenas, hotels, etc.).

License and Certification:    For positions at Hetch Hetchy:
Food Safety Sanitation Certificate is required at the time of appointment; AND,
Possession of a valid California Driver’s License is required. Positions at Hetch Hetchy will be required to drive in inclement weather and on mountain roads.


Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities are Encouraged to Apply.
An Equal Opportunity Employer

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