Peace in the Park festival brings together the diverse San Francisco and surrounding communities to unplug and explore activities of peace and happiness in a fun, inspiring and healthy atmosphere. The festival was created in response to the growing concern – we are an overly stimulated, ADD-afflicted and tech-saturated culture. After the success the first time (2013) with over 2,000 people from all over the Bay Area in attendance, and rave reviews from sponsorsperformers and partners, the community has called for it to become an annual event.

On August 23rd, the 2nd annual festival will feature world music and visual artists; tai chi, hatha yoga; life-changer seminars, arts, crafts, exhibits by local non-profits and meditation experience. At the majestic Bandshell of Golden Gate Park, this event will demonstrate how to nurture peace and happiness even while living in a fast-paced urban environment. You’ll be among some of the best artists, scientists, peace makers and policy makers in the Bay Area at this event. The festival is offered free of charge by a coalition including Brahma Kumaris, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Stanford University CCARE, Interfaith Center at the Presidio, United Religions Initiative, ServiceSpace and Yoga Tree of SF. More information at Here’s a 2-min video from last year to give you a glimpse into the spirit of the festival.

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Tulsi Pi
Family and Community Outreach Coordinator



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