Hello All,

This email serves as official notification that the 2014-15 School Year MYEEP Application has been released.
Applications can be found at three locations:
  1. Attached to this email.
  2. Buchanan’s Front Desk
  3. Online at: http://sfmyeep.tumblr.com/apply
Please check the application for application requirements and program details. If you are submitting your application at Buchanan YMCA, please note:
  • Applications are ONLY accepted from 4-6PM M-F.
  • Applications must be complete (i.e. all required documentation attached, all portions of applications completed, etc.)
  • Applications must be submitted by the person whose name appears on the applications.
For more questions regarding MYEEP, please contact Jenifer Hughes at jhughes@ymcasf.net or Jeff Lincoln at jlincoln@ymcasf.net.
Thank you,
Tulsi Pi
Family and Community Outreach Coordinator
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