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There is still time to sign up for the San Francisco Summer Learning Conference!!!!  I’ve included descriptions for the workshops below if you are still on the fence and need a little push.


When: March 14, 2014 9:00am -2:00pm

Where First Unitarian Universalist Church and Center
1187 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109


The San Francisco Summer Learning Conference is part of the San Francisco Expanded Learning Collaborative’s commitment to supporting summer quality citywide. The Expanded Learning Collaborative (formerly San Francisco After School for All) is a coalition of individuals and organizations from all sectors of the city.  This conference will give you the opportunity to redefine summer with activities that are meaningful, support mastery and expand horizonsThe goal of the conference is to raise awareness about summer learning and to empower you to provide the highest quality program possible.


The 2014 San Francisco Summer Learning Conference is designed for front-line staff, site coordinators, program directors, managers, and district administrators. It will host various Bay Area presenters with topics including: Hiring and Management, Summer Culture, Classroom Management, Planning and Reflection, Building Community, Cooperative Learning, and Youth Voice.


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Workshop Descriptions

Session A | 9:10-10:25AM

Fully Utilizing the Most Important Resource You Have – YOUR STAFF Room: The Starr King

Becca Vershbow Reading Partners

In this workshop, coordinators and managers will trade ideas with peers and be inspired to solidify a happier, more productive, and creative team. We will explore themes such as: what to look for during the hiring process and how to bring your line staff’s ideas and talents into your program; how to motivate staff and creatively compensate; and how balance fun, friendship, and professionalism.


Engaging High School Youth as Leaders in Your Camp Room: MLK

Caelie Ericksen-Stark & Heather Franco Richmond Village Beacon

This workshop will focus on utilizing your current camp structure to include and engage program alumni and other high school youth. We will use visioning and backwards planning tools to create or improve your current program model. We will address supervision and support models for 9th-12th grade as employees and volunteers through case studies and sharing of best practices.


Soccer, Teamwork, and Story-Based Learning Room: Chapel

Mia Tsui & Genki Watanabe America SCORES Bay Area

In this workshop, we will lead a variety of soccer, classroom, and team-building activities to showcase the key youth development principles of the America SCORES program and build participants’ ability to integrate sports, story-based learning, and other content areas both in the classroom and on the field.


Ignite Learning at Your Library Room: Fireside

Jennifer CollinsSan Francisco Public Library

How can you make sure that youth take learning beyond a lesson plan? How can you expand their imaginations outside the borders of their assigned activities? How can you better support English Language Learners, teach diversity, and encourage healthy youth development? How can you do this without any cost to your program? This workshop will help answer these questions by giving you a taste of some of the free experiences your students can enjoy at the public libraries this summer. You’ll take a virtual field trip to your library, learn about Summer Read SF, tinker with learning tools, and discover the ways the library can support your summer learning goals!


Practical Tips for Supporting Kids with Autism Room: Kincaid

Vicky Pitner

With autism on the rise, currently 1 in 66 school age children being diagnosed, and the need for services increasing, this workshop will explore the challenges children on the autism spectrum face every day and how you can incorporate inclusion strategies in your program. As more children access your services, learn how to support your staff and relate to the families.


Roll Up Your Sleeves with Hands-on Science Room: Murdock

Courtney RuddDevelopmental Studies Center

Experience how easy science can be during the summer! We will roll up our sleeves and have fun with science while discussing strategies for doing it with your kids. You don’t have to be a scientist to get your children excited about and interested in science.



Workshop Descriptions

Session B | 10:35-11:50PM

Training Your Staff in a Day: How to Get the Most Out of Limited Time for PD Room: The Starr King

Oscar Wolters-Duran & Eva Meyers DCYF Quality Initiative

At this workshop, summer program site coordinators will identify the critical topics and concepts to cover during summer professional development, select strategies for supporting staff learning “on the job,” and develop teaching activities that increase engagement and learning retention.


Creative Ways to Solicit Youth Input Room: MLK

Femi Vance & Julie Lo Public Profit

Break out of the survey box! There’s more than one way to learn what youth think, care about, want to do, or have learned in your program…. so let’s use them! In this session, participants will learn about verbal, kinesthetic and visual ways to solicit young people’s input through hands-on practice and review of our comprehensive implementation manual for youth work professionals.


Mindfulness, Stillness and Positive Action Room: Chapel

Charles HigginsRichmond District Neighborhood Center

In this workshop, participants will learn how to improve reactivity and behavior, while decreasing stress. Participants will learn how mediation, yoga and breathing techniques help regulate impulses and reactions. In addition, they will learn skills that help adult leaders, youth and children feel their authentic kindness, gratitude and strength.


Beyond the Fieldtrips: Parent Engagement during Summer Room: Fireside

Natalie Guandique & Eric CuentosMission Graduates

Summer is an excellent time to engage parents in our programs. But often, our summertime parent engagement is limited to enlisting their help during field trips. In this workshop, we will be exploring the challenges and opportunities of engaging parents more proactively in other elements of a summer program. Participants will take a list of concrete ready-to-implement ideas and some resources for additional support.


Opening Your Doors to Youth with Disabilities: Steps to Take Room: Kincaid

Alison Stewart & Rion HoffmanSpecial Needs Inclusion Project

In this workshop participants will learn a working definition of inclusion and explore the impact of inclusion on the lives of people with disabilities. Participants will also learn a process to use to determine the accommodation needs of children who enroll in their programs.


Social-Emotional Learning 101 Room: Murdock

Paul ChilversGlide Family Youth & Childcare Center

Healthy social and emotional development is defined as: a child’s capacity to identify, understand, experience, manage, and express a full range of positive and negative emotions in a productive way; regulate one’s own behavior such as being able to calm down; being able to accurately read another person’s emotions; develop empathy for others; develop and sustain close, satisfying relationships with other children and adults; and actively explore the environment and learn.



Workshop Descriptions

Session C | 12:00-1:15PM

Capoeira, Community and Critical Thinking Room: The Starr King

Matthew Davison & Sale Ramos AlvesPerforming Arts Workshop

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to explore and experience firsthand how performing arts are

essential and unique in their development of critical thinking, creative expression, and essential skills. Participants will

also understand how performing arts can be a pathway to building community among staff and students.


Making Collaboration Work: Adapting Oral History Curriculum to Summer Learning Room: MLK

Michelle Capobres & Claire Kiefer Aim High

Voice of Witness, an oral history book series and education program, has partnered with Aim High, a rigorous academic

summer program for middle school youth, to create a tiered Humanities curriculum using oral history to explore social

justice issues. Representatives from Voice of Witness and Aim High will discuss the partnership between the two

organizations, and how we use storytelling as way to amplify unheard voices and to learn and record history.


Field Trip 101 Room: Chapel

May TranCrissy Field Center

This interactive workshop is designed to give you and your staff the skills and tools to plan, book, and implement your

field trips safely, smoothly, and with minimal stress! The workshop will present some best practices and tools to help

you lead your successful summer field trips


Explore, Educate, Empower, Expect: Alignment with the School Day Room: Fireside

E’rika ChambersMagic Zone

In this workshop, participants will be provided with hands on activities and resources that are aligned with the school

day. In addition, this workshop will raise awareness about Summer Learning Loss and the Achievement Gap and explore

how out-of-school-time can help close the gap. Participants will also gain ideas on how to utilize the Common Core State



This Ish Be Cray: Utilizing Teenagers to Expand Your Camp Program Room: Kincaid

Maggie Amiano & Lauren TaylorSan Francisco SPCA

Find out how to involve teenagers in animal welfare activities in a more meaningful and personal ways and learn tools

and tips for recruiting teenagers to act as highly-involved volunteers/assistants in your summer camps and other youth



Sugar, Soda, and Food Justice Room: Murdock

Sabrina Mutukisna & Gabe Hanzel-Sello Paper Bridge

This workshop explores the effect of junk food on youth and low income communities. Through hands-on activities,

participants will learn about sugar and fat content in processed foods, have a better understanding of food deserts, and

will be able to apply these concepts in their classrooms.


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