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1180 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Property Type: Multifamily
Units: 124


Applications will be available on February 19th until March 5th.


Temporary Leasing Office:
Mission Creek Senior Housing
225 Berry Street
San Francisco, CA 94158
Office Hours:
Mon – Fri 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(415) 896-2025




1180 4th Street

Mercy Housing California


Mercy Housing California began construction in August 2012 on this affordable family residential and commercial development at 1180 – 4th Street in the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Project Area.  Construction completion is scheduled for June 2014 with families taking residence in their new homes next summer.  The project – 150 residential units for very low and low income families including 25 units for formerly homeless households – straddles San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood and the new Mission Bay area, home to a new campus and medical center for the University of California, San Francisco.  The irregularly shaped 1.49 acre parcel is bordered by Channel on the northwest, Fourth Street on the east, and future Longbridge Street on the southeast. The housing will include:

  • 41 one-bedroom apartments
  • 46 two-bedroom apartments
  • 52 three-bedroom apartments
  • 1 one-bedroom townhouse
  • 8 two-bedroom townhouses
  • 2 three-bedroom townhouses
  • residential common areas
  • 2 designated family day care units and several open spaces

A large community room will serve the residents of 1180 – 4th Street and will also be open during weekdays for the after school program for grade school children living at the building.  Priority of the space will be given to the residents of the building and local community groups.  A restaurant will anchor the corner of 4th and Channel Streets and the remaining 5-7 commercial spaces will be marketed to neighborhood-serving commercial tenants and will extend down the 4th Street commercial corridor wrapping around Longbridge Street.  Total residential square footage is 217,620 square feet; total commercial square footage is 11,000 square feet; and the total project cost is $75,277,964.


Primarily goals and objectives for the project are to create longevity and quality in the building materials, design and general composition which will foster a healthy environment for the families residing there. To reach this goal MHC employs specific green strategies that will also enable us to qualify for a Gold rating in the LEED for Homes Mid-Rise program. The following are area specific strategies that we will employ to maximize our green building footprint and create a healthy building:


  • Energy efficiency:  Energy Star washers, dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Energy Star Advanced Lighting package
  • Water conservation: recycled gray water/rain water irrigation system
  • Improved indoor air quality: no or low VOC products
  • Use of environmentally friendly building material (recycled content materials)
  • Construction waste recycling/minimization which diverts at least 25% of construction waste from landfills and recycles at least 75% of construction and material waste.


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