Platform to Employment Program Serves Workers

Aged 50 Plus and Veterans Under 30


OEWD is partnering with The WorkPlace, a Connecticut based workforce development organization, to launch Platform to Employment (P2E), a new program that provides a pathway to employment for long-term unemployed workers aged 50 and above and veterans aged 30 and below.


P2E has been successfully implemented in seven other cities nationally. P2E demonstrates that the right combination of job readiness programming, personal and family support services, and financial counseling can return the long-term unemployed to the workforce. Those interested in the program can apply at the Platform to Employment website,


Tested in multiple cohorts, including participants from urban and suburban communities, P2E has placed 86% of program participants into work experience programs, with nearly 94% of these individuals moving on to full-time employment. San Francisco will be the ninth city to launch the program with a cohort of 24 participants.



P2E begins with mandatory workshops conducted four days per week for five weeks. The workshops will include learning job search strategies, resume writing, self-marketing, rebuilding confidence, and worker support programs among other things.


Following the training, P2E helps participants find open positions with local companies for an eight week work experience. During the work experience the workers’ wages will be subsidized by P2E, allowing employers to test out candidates on the job to determine if they are a good fit for the company risk‐ free.


The P2E program in San Francisco is a partnership between the City and County of San Francisco, The WorkPlace, JVS, Swords to Plowshares, and the California Employment Development Department. Funding for the program is being provided by grants from AARP Foundation, Citi Community Development, and the Walmart Foundation.


Those interested in the program can apply at the Platform to Employment website, and click on the San Francisco Platform to Employment Application button on the homepage.

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