SF State’s MPA Program is offering the SF CBO Support Project this coming Spring, with work beginning in January 2014.  The application process is now open!


Please consider nominating one or more of your CBO’s programs to participate.  CBOs apply to participate online at our website (sfcbosupportproject.org).  The review of applications begins December 2, 2013 and will continue until all slots are filled.  CBOs will be notified of their selection no later than January 15, 2014.


Attached is a flyer with more information.  Please help spread the word by sending this e-mail and/or distributing the flyer to your members or others you know who may be interested.

What is the SF CBO Support Project?
A highly structured, semester‐long project offered through a graduate level course in nonprofit management in SF State’s MPA program (PA 746: Organizational Learning & Nonprofit Management).
The website has recently been updated with dates and other materials for the 2014 offering:  sfcbosupportproject.org

Why Participate?  How can my CBO Benefit?

Professional development for program staff
CBO Support Project Partners (CBO Partners) learn about nonprofit management trends, resources, and best practices from SF State’s MPA faculty and students.

Logic model development for your program
CBO Partners receive guided support from MPA faculty to develop/re-develop a logic model for their program. CBO Partners learn how the process and end results of logic models can be applied in support of program planning, delivery, communications, and/or evaluation

Increased knowledge and capacity to strengthen your program
Under the guidance of MPA faculty and CBO Partners, graduate student support teams create and implement work plans for the particular program needs identified by CBO Partners.

Partnership building with SF State’s MPA students and faculty
Participating CBO Partners will be able to express an interest in receiving additional support from MPA students and faculty at the end of the CBO Support Project.
Visit our website at http://sfcbosupportproject.org to learn more and apply for the Spring 2014 offering!  Questions?  Email sfcbosp@sfsu.edu or call Dr. Jennifer Shea at 415/817-4462.


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