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Please see below for job descriptions of these positions and send all qualified candidates to SFJobs@Manpower.com.  Interviews will begin next week, so it is imperative we receive resumes as soon as possible.




Ability to lift up to 50lbs

Go up and down small ladders to stock shelves

Work well with others

Attention to detail

Timely completion of all assigned tasks

Maintain order and cleanliness of store

Print and hang shelf tags




  • Perform monetary transactions and provide customers with receipts for products and/or services they’ve purchased
  • Greet customers and assist them with any questions they may have
  • Count, collect, and sort money to ensure that the cash register is properly balanced and not over/under the amount of money it’s supposed to have
  • Keep records of open/closed register amounts and report them to accounting along with any money that was obtained throughout the work shift
  • Maintain a clean work area, spray and sweep the register area Clean and maintain front end display items
  • Return unwanted items to the correct department
  • Assist with stocking shelves and counters during slow work times
  • Operate as a door greeter during slow times
  • Perform light/heavy lifting and loading when necessary
  • Answer phone calls (when working as a phone operator)
  • Call various departments or managers for assistance over the PA when necessary
  • Work well with others
  • Be able to clearly explain the story of Grocery Outlet (Who we are) to a customer.





Warren Aulenbach

Business Service Specialist

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