Attention Community Partners Members!!!!!!!!
As many have wanted our next CPU meeting will be this Thursday, October 3.  It will be held after the Mo Magic meeting (around 1:00PM) at the African American Arts and Culture Complex at 762 Fulton.  We will talk about the plans for CPU’s involvement in some of the holiday programs.
The first is the Saturday, November 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at the Beacon Center at John Muir School.  They have asked for volunteers and monetary support.  We will also be involved with the Friday December 6 Hayes Valley Valley Block Party.  Horus Tolson will help with the entertainment and be the MC.  We will need CPU volunteers and some monetary support.  Community Grows will sponsor the Wreath and Card making event in December with some help from CPU volunteers.
Our main discussion will be about the food box program.  Kaiser Permanente is on board with financial and volunteer help.  The Neighborhood Baptist Church will let us use their facilities to assemble the food boxes. There is some good news about the city coming thru with some financial support for the food boxes.  We need to decide at the meeting about people to do some of the many tasks needed to make the program happen.  Supervisor Breed’s Office will help with many of the tasks.  The Mo magic/Collective team is on board.
We hope to see many of you at the CPU meeting this Thursday.  Thanks

Bob Barnwell                 Community Partners United          415-621-1505


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