There will be a CPU meeting on Tuesday, September 10 at 9:00AM at the Hayes Valley Playground.  Same time, same day at the same place.  This will be an important meeting to decide the future of CPU.  In the past theOctober 1 thru December 31 period has been an active time for CPU.  We will talk about what events we want to be involved in during 2013.  What about the food box program?  What about the Hayes block party on the first Fridayin December?
We will then talk about the future of CPU.  Do we want a separate organization?  Do we want to become a part of Mo Magic/Collective Impact as a committee?  Who do we want in the leadership of CPU?  We will then talk about the meeting time and place.
This is an important meeting about the future of Community Partners United?  We want your input.  Many of you have been supporters of CPU and have worked at the events including the August 6 National Night Out.  Come to the meeting and speak up.  Send me your thoughts.  Thanks

Bob Barnwell                   Community Partners United               415-621-1505


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