Do you know a young person in need of job training? Have they not completed their high school diploma? Would they like to learn basic carpentry, landscaping and recycling skills, while getting paid $10.55 per hour? Tell them to join the San Francisco Conservation Corps!

When young adults join the Corps, they will…

  • Work in teams of 5-10 under the supervision of a professional staff leader
  • Learn recycling, basic carpentry, landscaping, tool usage, leadership and other marketable job skills
  • Build play structures and enhance public spaces throughout the City
  • Recycle beverage containers and other materials
  • Educate communities and businesses on recycling best practices
  • Plan their career and educational goals with a career counselor
  • Develop their resume, references and public speaking skills
  • Attend high school classes with skilled instructors to help them earn their diploma
  • Participate in workshops led by experts in a variety of trades, employment fields, financial management and many more!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Must be a current resident of San Francisco
  • Ability to handle conflict professionally and manage stressful situations
  • Ability and commitment to teamwork and appropriate workplace interactions in group or team settings, including ability to interact professionally with co-workers and get along with both Staff and fellow Corpsmembers
  • Successful completion of application, interview, and orientation processes (HR, Projects, and Education requirements and components)
  • Commitment to work-readiness training and development
  • Commitment to educational growth and development
  • Commitment and adherence to attendance and punctuality policies and procedures
  • Ability and commitment to participate in all required components and program activities
  • Appropriate work-place communications
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Ability and commitment to follow written and verbal instructions regarding work safety

To apply, interested persons should visit our office located in Upper Fort Mason, Building 102, between the hours of 10:30AM-3:00PM,                 Monday-Thursday, to complete an application and be scheduled for an interview (attached is a map of our location).  Please have them ask for Yolanda or Amber.

For further information about the San Francisco Conservation Corps or our onsite school (John Muir Charter School), please visit www.sfcc.org and http://www.johnmuircs.com/

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at awhitman@sfcc.org or at 415-928-7417 x313.


Map of Fort Mason

SFCC Flier


Amber Lea

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