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This is a reminder that New Door offers group interviews every Tuesday at 10:30 am for youth and young adults who are interested in our paid employment opportunities. Over the next three weeks, we are adding additional group interviews at 2:00pm on Wednesdays. We are currently seeking youth for placement in the upcoming cohort of our Ally program, which begins September 9.  There are also current openings in our Switch program, at both Ashbury Images screen-printing company and Pedal Revolution bike shop.


Attending a group interview is the first step to being accepted in employment at New Door.  New Door offers paid work experience in our businesses, and through our Ally program, in approximately 40 community partner sites (businesses that agree to accept youth from our program).  Youth receive an hourly wage for approximately 15 hours/week, a monthly Clipper card, and on-going educational and case management support while engaged at New Door.  Youth do not need to sign up in advance for a group interview, but they must be on time—we don’t let people in late, ever.


Group interviews for the next three weeks:

Tuesday, August 20                  10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, August 21            2:00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 27                  10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, August 28            2:00 p.m.


New Door targets at-risk SF youth ages 17-21 who face obstacles to employment, such as disconnection from education, involvement with public systems (foster care, justice, etc.), experiences of homelessness or substance abuse, and so on.  Through jobs, job training and supportive community, New Door hopes to assist at-risk youth to re-connect to employment, education, and their dreams.  Please contact Grace Reinhalter, the New Door program assistant, at (415) 857-9412 if you have general questions about our programs or a specific young person’s eligibility.


Warm Regards,



Ciara Wade

Program Director

New Door Ventures

3075 21st Street

San Francisco, CA  94110

P: 415-920-9200, ext. 309

F: 415-920-9203

E: cwade@newdoor.org


“Helping at-risk youth get ready for work and life”


Have you seen how Curtis got a fresh start? Watch his video story on New Door’s re-launched website:



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