Dear Colleagues,

The Health Program Manager I, II, and III examination for the California Department of Public Health has been extended until August 13th, 2013.  Please go to this link for complete details-  CDPH Link. &nbsp; <>

This page has the deadline listed as July 26th but it was extended to August 13th!

This supplemental application must be submitted with the Standard Employment Application found here <> .

The application and supplemental examinations (five questions) can be submitted by mail.  Read instructions carefully for complete submission details.

This opportunity is very important for priority populations because if you are not on the list, you don’t exist.  That means no matter what your qualifications are and no matter how much the CDPH might want to hire you, they cannot if you are not on this list.  This is a real opportunity for professionals who represent our communities to work for the California Department of Public Health. Please forward this email far and wide. These openings are for tobacco control and other specialty areas.

Job Description For Health Manager I-III in Tobacco Control
Briefly, this position oversees the development and implementation of tobacco control
program strategies, interventions and materials with a focus on priority populations which include, but are not limited to, low socioeconomic status, youth, African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, pink and blue collar workers, etc. The HPS I develops and/or coordinates tobacco control strategy design, policy recommendations, programmatic interventions, data collection and analysis, and evaluation methods related to tobacco control in California. This requires analyzing current research and evaluation data, conducting needs assessments, coordinating workgroups and strategic planning sessions, and developing programmatic guidelines.


AATCLC has over 150 years of tobacco control experience in public policy, research, prevention, community capacity building and cessation. <>
AATCLC Group Shot  <>

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