Hi Non Profit Partners,

This week’s job vacancy spotlight is for our new partner, the Melt. This establishment has devoted itself to perfecting the simple things in life: bread & cheese. This grilled cheese restaurant has over 15 locations in California and is headquartered in San Francisco! They are currently opening a new store and are looking to hire crew members. Those looking to apply would ideally have prior experience in the food industry and of course, must love cheese! This is just one of the dozens of opportunities available on our website, so check out  www.sfsummerjobs.org  for details on all of our open positions.

Here at MatchBridge, we are not only concerned about connecting youth to jobs but also about establishing a long-term connection to why work/internship experience helps to build a better, more secure future.

One medium that we are using to spark this conversation and engage youth is through our SFSJ+ Video Contest. Every other a week a new question is posted on the website http://sfsummerjobs.org/video-contest/, and the youth are asked to submit a video creatively answering that week’s question.  For example, this week’s question is “Why is it important to get work experience at an early age?”

The videos should adhere to a few basic guidelines (>2 minutes, must answer the question, be appropriate for all audiences & only 1 submission per cycle). The videos are evaluated every 2 weeks and a winner is selected based upon how creatively they answered the question, their use of graphics, music, visuals and if it helps to convey the importance of helping  youth with barriers find employment. Each winner will receive a $25 gift card and be entered to win a new iPad!


Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to announce last week’s winner, Mayra Aguilar! Congratulations on a thoughtful, energetic video submission!


Our video contest also ties directly to our resume tip for this week. Entering contests and making video submissions about career ambitions and work-readiness are accomplishments that look great on resumes. Encouraging youth to seek out opportunities to get engaged in the community and develop a broader skill set, shows employers that they are proactive, multi-faceted and driven.


Let  us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback for the MatchBridge team. As always, thanks again for being a supportive partner and helping pave the way towards a better solutions!




The MatchBridge Team

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