Happy Monday Community Partners,

Even though the summer weather in San Francisco is cold, we are trying to not let it take the sizzle out of finding youth jobs!

In addition to the dozens of opportunities currently posted on our website (Target, Peet’s Coffee, PRWT Services) we want to do a special employer spotlight this week for the clothing store, UNIQLO. They are known for being the “Japanese Gap” and have a fresh, unique & modern line of clothing that is taking over the US. They recently placed their first West Coast store here in San Francisco, and are doing so well that they have plans to open 4 more! You know what that means… they’re hiring for Sales Associates! Guide youth to check out their posting at www.sfsummerjobs.org and apply.

As you know, in our weekly communication with youth we provide tips on how to improve their resume & job readiness. Since we are fast approaching the middle of the summer, some youth are finding the “waiting game” a bit frustrating. To ease the impatience, this week we decided to give tips how youth can be proactive in their job search.

We suggested that youth explore the option of seeking out one-time positions (think catering/event security) to build their resume and earn some cash. In addition to this option, we also highlighted the hidden gem of job fairs. This is a rare opportunity for youth to  get personal interaction with employers, practice their interview skills and get exposure to a borad range of different fields.

To further solidify these recommendations, we created a new tab on our website dedicated to it. Every week we are going to update this tab with information about event job opportunities as well as all of the upcoming job fairs in the city. This is a great way for youth to feel like they are actively participating and gaining knowledge/experience during “the hunt.” Make sure to check out http://sfsummerjobs.org/resources/ for the most up-to-date events and opportunities.

Thanks again for being a part of SF Summer Jobs+, we wouldn’t be able to do it without all of your support!


Best Regards,

The MatchBridge Team

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