Good Afternoon:

Alice A. Huffman (President-CA State Conference-NAACP) would like to introduce the new California NAACP Scholarship in memory of the late Dr. Mervyn Dymally.  Please see the attached announcement from the American University of Antigua regarding all of the particulars.

Also, please be advised of the following criteria:

1.      Students must be a member of the NAACP.
2.      Preference given to a California resident.
3.      Applicants must be prescreened by the CANAACP.
4.      Must apply by July 10th for August 2013.
5.      Must apply by November 30th for January 2014.


Terry A. Lambert
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
CA State Conference-NAACP
P:  916-498-1898/1890
F:  916-498-1895

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