Dear Partners & Supporters of Community Partners United,


I had intended to address each of you individually.  Due to a time restraint, tradition and ease of a mass mailing I decided on a mass mailing.


Through my involvement with Community Partners United, I have had the honor and pleasure to work with all of you.  Each in your unique & personal way have mentored, guided, inspired and taught me valuable insight into community policing.  I appreciate all of your dedication & support you give to Community Partners United.


A decision, which has been coming for a while, and essential for me to move to the next step of my life, has been reached.  I will announce I am stepping down from my leadership of the Community Partners United at our regularly scheduled Tuesday June 4th meeting.


I have invited Mayor Lee, Phil Ginsberg (Rec & Park), Supervisor Breed, SFPD Chief Suhr, Sheryl Davis and Matt O’Grady (SF Parks Alliance) to attend and define the role they will play in CPU’s future.


I see it as a town hall to pass the torch to the next leader and initiate the discussion of how the CPU will return to our home at the HV Playground.  Since we began in 2002, our collaboration has accomplished and created a template for a highly successful community policing model.


As a leader it is time to for me to move on.  As a group, it will be your leadership, input, commitment and involvement that will determine the future of the CPU.


As a collaboration we have come a long way and have much to be proud of. Each of you plays a critical role and brings a special insight to our community policing model.


I thank all of you for taking time to believe, commit and back up CPU in its mission to foster a safe and caring community. Your support, handholding and guidance are truly appreciated and evident in the resiliency our community has experienced.



I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday June 4th, 2013 at 9 am at the Hayes Valley Playground. The playground is located at 699 Hayes Street at the corner of Buchanan & Hayes.


June-2013 Safety Flyer


Richard Johnson

Co-Founder Community Partners United


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