Dear Non-Profit Partners,


We hope that you had an enjoyable holiday weekend! To help you ease back into the work week, we are highlighting two exciting opportunities at SF Summer Jobs+ this week!


First, PUMA will be opening a new mobile store in San Francisco this summer in celebration of America’s Cup. This means they are hiring for Store Sales Associates/Supervisors positions. This is an exciting opportunity for youth who have experience or interest in sports and/or retail.


Second, there is an compelling internship opportunity with New ERA. This is a Youth Organization that helps raise financial awareness by training their interns on community financial issues, community organizing, campaign strategies and community engagement. This internship is only offered to those between the ages of 14-17, so please pass this opportunity along to all eligible youth.


Don’t forget that there are still 50+ active, open positions/internships posted on Companies such as Uniqlo, Lowe’s, America’s Cup & UPS are hiring so please encourage youth to express interest as soon as possible.


Thank you for your continued support!


Kind Regards,


The MatchBridge Team

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