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May, 2013

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Mayor’s Office Awards FACES SF Jobs Program Contract

We are pleased to announce that the Mayor’s Office of Economic & Workforce Development has awarded FACES SF a contract to continue our Jobs Program headquartered in the Visitacion Valley. The renewal period starting July 1 will also dovetail with the Jobs Program’s move to new quarters at 1099 Sunnydale. The new contract with OEWD is potentially for a term of three years. The move to 1099 Sunnydale has been a long-anticipated change for FACES SF — the new location allows us to collaborate with different community organizations in the building to offer joint intensive outreach and educational assistance to the neighboring communities.

“We are pleased that OEWD has awarded us this contract to serve the people of the Visitacion Valley community with job readiness training and job placement services,” says Lawland Long, FACES SF’s Executive Director. “We are especially delighted to be moving in with 15 other community partners at 1099 Sunnydale where we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership serving people in need in the Visitacion Valley.” 

Lawland Long, ED 


Hayes Valley Infant/Toddler Center Receives Outstanding  ITERS Score

Our Hayes Valley Infant/Toddler Center just received an Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale score of 5.99, the highest ever in our history. The ITERS scale measures the developmental effectiveness and physical safety of the environment of center-based infant and toddler centers according to different categories, including Space and Furnishings, Personal Care Routines, Listening and Talking, Activities, Interaction, Program Structure, and Parents and Staff.



According to Seiko Velder, Infant/Toddler Program Director, the extremely high score is a result of staff training and development that took place over the last year, as well as feedback from parents and facilities improvement.


“The training our teachers have received has given them a deeper understanding of what is needed,” says Velder. Just as important is the change made within the last year to a Lead Teacher structure, where one lead teacher manages a team of teachers. “The lead teacher makes sure everyone is on the same page,” Velder says, “and this leads to better communication amongst the staff, which benefits the center environment, and ultimately the children.”

“This score shows that subsidized child care can deliver extremely high-quality care for San Francisco’s low-income families,” Velder says.

Harvard Business School Helps FACES SF Develop Performance Metrics 

We are pleased to announce that the Harvard Business School is helping FACES SF define and determine how to implement performance metrics that can be easily tracked to help funders evaluate and judge our performance as a stand-alone entity and against other organizations they fund. A key part of HBS’s analysis will be determining what all of our different current and potential funding sources view as valuable information and metrics when they are making their funding decisions. The key deliverable will be a review with our Board of Directors on recommended metrics to track and how to implement tracking of those metrics. Thanks so much to Harvard Business School for helping us do this very important work.

FACES SF serves San Francisco’s most vulnerable and impoverished  communities. We offer high-quality subsidized child care and development  services, job training, and parent support services, continuing our  proud tradition of ending poverty one family at a time. For more information, contact: bscheinman@facessf.org.
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