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0932 Manager IV – Human Resources Director, HSA
Recruitment #PBT-0932-060214

Department: Human Services Agency

Analyst: Anna Biasbas

Date Opened: 4/12/2013 8:00:00 AM

Filing Deadline: Continuous

Salary: $108,030.00 – $137,878.00/year

Job Type: Permanent PBT

Employment Type: Full-Time

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0932 Manager IV
Human Resources Director

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This is a position-based test process conducted in accordance with Civil
Service Rule 111A.

The Human Services Agency is a department of the City and County of San
Francisco and the central resource for public assistance in the City. HSA
was formed in 2004 with the merger of two previously existing city
departments, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Aging
and Adult Services. The agency retains two commissions and two department
heads. Our mission is to promote well-being and self-sufficiency among
individuals, families and communities in San Francisco.

We provide a safety net for individuals and families by offering income
support, community-based living supports, and assistance getting food,
housing, and health coverage. We offer programs and services that ensure
the protection and safety of children, the elderly and dependent adults.
We help people secure employment through training, job search and child
care assistance.

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Under general administrative direction, the 0932
Manager IV – Human Resources Director, HSA plans and administers a
comprehensive human resources program for the San Francisco Human Services
Agency.  Essential functions include: coordinating, through subordinates,
a variety of human resources activities for an Agency of approximately
2,000 employees; developing proposals for major personnel policies and
procedures for consideration by Agency’s executive staff; representing the
Agency in contacts with the Department of Human Resources, the Civil
Service Commission, representatives of employee unions and other Human
Resource Directors both inside and outside of the City and County of San
Francisco; and serving as Civil Rights Officer for the Agency.  The 0932
Manager IV – Human Resources Director at the Human Services Agency also
performs related duties as required.

Activities under the Human Resources Director include Personnel
Operations, Merit Systems (examinations, recruitments and
classifications), Labor Relations, Payroll, Equal Employment
Opportunities, Workers ’ Compensation and Training and Staff Development.
Specific functional responsibilities in these areas include the following:
1. Personnel Operations: position control; requisition management;
personnel policies; employee transactions, such as appointments,
leaves and separations; official personnel files and required
personnel data; monitoring licenses/certifications, completion of
performance appraisals;
2. Merit Systems: Civil Service classification and examinations for
approximately 20 Agency classifications per decentralized agreement
with the City’s Department of Human Resources as well as
position-based tests for manager classifications; coordinate and
maintain Agency job postings; provide qualification review and
classification studies, including review of new/substitute budget
positions each fiscal year;
3. Labor Relations: negotiate, administer and interpret Collective
Bargaining Agreements (CBAs); meet and confer on impact and related
issues; respond to grievances and arbitrations; investigate
complaints of employee misconduct; manage Skelly hearings and
discipline; respond to violence in the workplace; participate in
Citywide labor negotiations;
4. Equal Employment Opportunities: discrimination complaint
investigation and resolution, reasonable accommodation, harassment
prevention, bilingual testing and cultural competency; civil rights
complaint resolution.
5. Payroll: provide payroll processing for approximately 2,000 Agency
6. Worker’s Compensation: review quarterly reports on injuries, lost
time and payments provided by Worker’s Compensation Division,
monitor Worker’s Compensation payments, calculate impacts of
Worker’s Compensation on employee leave balances, identify injury
patterns through Worker’s Compensation data and develop
recommendations for improved employee health and safety.
7. Training and Staff Development: manage a training unit that provides
orientation training for all new employees, mandated training for
all employees, skill training, supervisor training, management
training and program-specific training.

1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college
or university with major course work in Human Resources, Public
Administration, Business Administration or a related field; AND
2. Six (6) years of verifiable professional human resources
experience.  Experience must include progressively responsible
experience in at least two (2) of the following areas: personnel
administration, wage and salary administration, position
classification and compensation, employee evaluation, training,
recruitment and test validation, labor relations and employee
disciplinary processes. Work in these areas must include:
consulting, advising and informing department/agency heads or
other high level managers on personnel-related matters;
implementing, interpreting and enforcing personnel rules,
regulations and policies; presenting organizational issues before
bodies of authority; and use of common office computer
applications; AND
3. Two (2) years of the required six (6) years of professional human
resources experience must have been directing and/or managing a
personnel department or as a personnel officer for a large public

Two (2) years of professional experience working with high-level
directors/managers of a public agency, large corporation or similar
establishment of considerable size providing advice/consultation
services on Federal/State laws, policy administration and other
matters directly relating to employment may be substituted for up to
two (2) years of the required experience described in Minimum
Qualification #2.
The following specific advanced degrees may substitute for one (1)
year of the required experience described in MQ#2: a Master’s Degree
in Human Resources Management, Industrial/Organizational Psychology,
Public Administration or Business Administration; or a Juris


Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are being accepted
through an online process. Visit www.jobaps.com/sf  to register an account
(if you have not already done so) and begin the application process.
Select the desired job announcement
Select “Apply” and read and acknowledge the information
Select either “I am a New User” if you have not previously
registered, or “I have Registered Previously”
Follow instructions on the screen

Applicants may be contacted by email about this announcement and,
therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that their registered
email address is accurate and kept up-to-date.  Also, applicants must
ensure that email from CCSF is not blocked on their computer by a spam
filter.  To prevent blocking, applicants should set up their email to
accept CCSF mail from the following addresses (@sfgov.org, @sfdpw.org, @
sfport.com, @flysfo.com, @sfwater.org, @sfdph.org, @asianart.org, @
sfmta.com). Applicants will receive a confirmation email that their online
application has been received in response to every announcement for which
they file.  Applicants should retain this confirmation email for their
records.  Failure to receive this email means that the online application
was not submitted or received. All work experience, education, training
and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum
qualifications must be included on your application by the filing
deadline.  Information submitted after the filing deadline will not be
considered in determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications.

Applications completed improperly may be cause for ineligibility,
disqualification or may lead to lower scores.

Verification: Applicants may be required to submit verification of
qualifying education and experience at any point in the application,
examination and/or departmental selection process.  Note: Falsifying one’s
education, training, or work experience or attempted deception on the
application may result in disqualification for this and future job
opportunities with the City and County of San Francisco.

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment or application
process, please contact Anna Biasbas by telephone at (415) 557-4806, or by
email at Anna.Biasbas@sfgov.org.

Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications will be invited to
participate in a computer-based examination designed to measure
competencies in job-related areas which may include but not be limited to:
Problem Solving; Leadership; Decision Making; Interpersonal skill; Human
Resources Management; Team Building; Communication; Conflict Management
and Process Improvement. For more information about this Management Test
(and a suggested reading list) please visit:
http://www.sfdhr.org/index.aspx?page=343. Please note: this examination is
only held in San Francisco.

A passing score must be achieved on the Management Test Battery in order
to continue in the selection process.

This is a standardized examination and, therefore, test questions and
answers are not available for public inspection or review.

Scores attained on the Management Test Battery will be valid and “banked”
for three years, starting from the date of the examination. This means
that, during this three-year time period, you will not be required to take
the Management Test Battery. The Management Test Battery may be used for
many other classes; therefore your test score may be applied to one or
more of these classes if you choose to apply to future recruitments. If
the selection process for the future announcement is held within one year
of the date of this examination and it includes the Management Test
Battery, your score will be automatically applied to that announcement.
However, after one year, you have the option to either (a) apply your test
score to the other announcement or (b) re-take the Management Test
Battery. Re-testing is permitted no sooner than one year from the date of
the examination and only in association with your eligibility for another
announcement for which the Management Test Battery is used. Please note
that, should you re-test, your re-test score would become your official
score since it is the most recent.

DATE(S) OF MTB EXAMINATION:  Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications
will be notified of the exact date, time and place to report to the
Management Test Battery examination.

Candidates will be prompted to complete a supplemental questionnaire as
part of the online employment application. Only those candidates who pass
the Management Test Battery will have their supplemental questionnaire
reviewed and scored.  The Supplemental Questionnaire Evaluation is
designed to measure knowledge, skills and/or abilities in job-related
areas that have been identified as critical for satisfactory performance
in this position.

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster
Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code
Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a
loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all
Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to
work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

The certification rule for the eligible list resulting from this
examination will be Rule of Ten Scores.  Additional selection processes
may be conducted by the hiring department prior to making final hiring

Eligible List:
The eligible list resulting from this examination is subject to change
after adoption (e.g., as a result of appeals), as directed by the Human
Resources Director or the Civil Service Commission.

The duration of the eligible list resulting from this examination process
will be 6 months, and may be extended with the approval of the Human
Resources Director.
Upon approval of the Human Resource Director (see Civil Service Rule
111A.26.5), the eligible list resulting from this announcement may be used
by other departments that also use this classification or a similar
classification.  To find other Departments which use this classification,
please see http://www.sfdhr.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentID=13693
. Search that document by title or job code to see which departments use
the classification.

Applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum eligibility requirements
for this job announcement can find information on requesting a reasonable
ADA Accommodation at:

Information regarding requests for Veterans Preference can be found at:

Seniority Credit in Promotional Exams:
Information regarding seniority credit can be found at:

General Information concerning City and County of San Francisco Employment
Policies and Procedures:
Important Employment Information for the City and County of San Francisco
can be obtained at http://www.sfdhr.org/index.aspx?page=20 or hard copy at
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor.

Copies of Application Documents:
Applicants should keep copies of all documents submitted, as these will
not be returned.

Right to Work:
All persons entering the City and County of San Francisco workforce are
required to provide verification of authorization to work in the United

Terms of Announcement:
Applicants must be guided solely by the provisions of this announcement,
including requirements, time periods and other particulars, except when
superseded by federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations.
Clerical errors may be corrected by the posting the correction on the
Department of Human Resources website at www.jobaps.com/sf.

The terms of this announcement may be appealed under Civil Service Rule
111A.35.1. The standard for the review of such appeals is ‘abuse of
discretion’ or ‘no rational basis’ for establishing the position
description, the minimum qualifications and/or the certification rule.
Appeals must include a written statement of the item(s) being contested
and the specific reason(s) why the cited item(s) constitute(s) abuse of
discretion by the Human Resources Director.  Appeals must be submitted
directly to the Executive Officer of the Civil Service Commission within
five business days of the announcement issuance date.

Exam Type: Combined Entrance & Promotive
Issued: April 15, 2013

Micki Callahan
Human Resources Director
Department of Human Resources

Recruitment ID Number: 060214


All employees hired on or after January 10, 2009 will be required
(pursuant to San Francisco Charter Section A8.432) to contribute 2% of
pre-tax compensation to fund retiree healthcare. In addition, most
employees are required to make a member contribution towards retirement,
typically 7.5% of compensation. For more information on these provisions,
please contact the personnel office of the hiring agency.

For more information about benefits, please click here.

Click on a link below to apply for this position:

Fill out the Supplemental Questionnaire and Application NOW using the
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pic04184.gif)apply online
View and print the Supplemental Questionnaire.
This recruitment requires
completion of a supplemental
questionnaire. You may view and
print the supplemental
questionnaire here.

We encourage you to submit your
application on-line as this is
the preferred application
method. If you experience
difficulties, please contact
the exam analyst at the phone
number listed on the above
Contact us via conventional means.
You may contact us by phone at
(415) 557-4800, or apply for a
job in person at the Department
of Human Resources.

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