Salutations, friends, former colleagues and generally collegial people,

Happy eve-of-May. I hope this finds you well. This email announces an exciting $15/hour temporary job opportunity that I hope you’ll consider passing along to your networks!
Background: As part of our statewide work for tax justice, SF Rising ( will be contacting thousands of SF voters next month in order to identify and persuade them to take a stand on important issues in Sacramento. (This is 501c3 work, which we do as part of the California Calls alliance,
The job: We will do this by hiring 12 people at $15/hour to be Outreach Team Members — i.e., paid phone bankers/canvassers. Attached, please find the job description for the Outreach Team Member position. The schedule runs from Monday, May 13 through Saturday, June 1, 6-days a week (exact times are clearly noted in the job description).
Bottom line: This is a relatively well-compensated temporary job that will develop people’s social and verbal skills and increase their knowledge of statewide policy issues and general political analysis — perfect for youth, adults and the elderly alike!
Application Deadline/Interview: Applications are due at the in-person interview: Monday, May 6 at 5:00pm at Causa Justa::Just Cause, 2301 Mission St. (at 19th St.), 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94110.
Any places you think I could promote this? I would love to give presentations (2 minutes is awesome!) and/or chat with anyone/everyone who might run programs/know people who might want this job. I’m looking forward to working with these 12 outreach team members! If you can think of any good places where I could do this, will you please let me know? Feel free to text/call at (415) 684-3473.
Thank you thank you thank you! Once more, I hope this finds each of you well!
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