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I’m very excited to announce that WAHT will be hosting our first guest speaker as part of a burgeoning Community Impact presentation series. Dr. LeConte Dill is a Research Instructor at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, and has very generously offered her time to the Clinic during her short visit to California. Our Conference Room has the capacity to host a small number of people, so unfortunately I’ve had to limit the number of guests we’re able to invite. Please definitely share this with colleagues who you think may be interested in attending, but appreciate your not mass forwarding or posting on list-servs. Please see below. Cheers, Kemi  
“Safe Routes: Adolescents’ Physical, Social, and Psychological Navigation of Distressed Contexts and Implications for Public Health”
A presentation by Dr. LeConte Dill
Monday April 15, 2013 12:30-1:30
Women’s Community Clinic
Conference Room, Level A
Please RSVP if you plan to attend:, (415) 820-7371
Dr. LeConté Dill is a self-described urban health scholactivist.  Dr. Dill was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles—a conglomeration of neighborhoods that have a mix of risky situations and public misrepresentations.  She is an outspoken advocate of voicing stories by people who live and work in urban neighborhoods, not just peek in for a second.  She believes that these are stories of faith, hope, struggle, and survival.
Dr. Dill became interested in a career focused on health disparities as a youth growing up in South Central Los Angeles. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Spelman College, her Master of Public Health degree in Community Health Sciences from the University of California Los Angeles, and her Doctor of Public Health degree from the University of California Berkeley. Dr. Dill has also worked in academic, non-profit, and public agencies across the country on issues related to health education, chronic disease prevention, the built environment, youth organizing, and program evaluation.
Dr. Dill’s community-engaged research and teaching interests are focused on the health and wellness processes of marginalized people and places. In particular, she is committed to addressing health and social inequities among adolescents in urban neighborhoods. Dr. Dill is passionate about translating applied research into policy change. She is also passionate about the power of writing, both technical and creative, for healing, empowerment, and social justice.
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Kemi Role

Western Addition Health Training (WAHT) Program Director


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