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Our Children to the Supreme Court:

It is time you HEAR our voices!

We are a part of history in the making.

On February 28, Our Family Coalition joined with national allied organizations in filing an Amicus (friend of the Court) brief in support of the couples challenging Proposition 8 here in California and in support of Eddie Windsor, the main plaintiff challenging the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA) at the federal level.

The Amicus brief we submitted to the Supreme Court is unique, offering first-hand accounts of the importance of marriage to our children. We believe that it is imperative for the U.S. Supreme Court to have the voices of our kids in their ears as they deliberate the fate of our families.

We are thrilled to have been able to collaborate with our partners at Family Equality Council, COLAGE, GLSEN, The Center on Children and Families, and The Child Rights Project to include the experiences of our children and LGBT youth who are the next generation of same-sex parents. This brief will shed light on the reality that denying marriage and marriage recognition to same-sex couples serves no other purpose but to harm these couples and the children they are raising. Check out the full version of the “Children’s Voices” brief by clicking here.

We are hopeful that the Justices will rule in our favor and we will have full marriage equality by the summer, but there is much more work that needs to be done to continue expanding support for LGBT families in California and beyond. Are you ready to join the action?

We invite you to:

Attend a dynamic LGBT Advocacy training THIS SATURDAY, March 23, in San Francisco! OFC will be co-hosting a free training on impactful conversations for LGBT inclusion and equality, in collaboration with Equality California, API Equality NorCal, and the Breakthrough Coalition. We encourage you to register today to learn and practice effective messages and skills to move people you know along their journey of acceptance and support. Childcare and breakfast will be provided. Click here to register today!


March for Equality on Monday, March 25! A state-wide coalition of advocacy groups, activists, and members of the LGBT and Allied community will gather to bring awareness to the Supreme Court hearings on the Proposition 8 and DOMA cases regarding the legality of same-sex marriage. Join us at 6:30pm @ Castro and Market. For more information, click here.


Join Our Family Coalition’s fabulous NIGHT OUT Celebration on Thursday, April 11! It will be a fun evening consisting of a cocktail hour, silent auction, dinner, and entertainment. We will be honoring both Judge Donna Hitchens and Betty Degeneres for their contribution to the community, and the evening will be hosted by locally-raised comedian, actor, and father, Alec Mapa. All proceeds will go towards support of OFC’s work to promote the equality and well-being of LGBT families. Buy your tickets before they sell out!


We hope to see you there!

Our  Family  Coalition promotes the equality and well-being of lesbian, gay,   bisexual, transgender and queer families with children. We foster   community leadership in advocacy efforts that promote social justice.

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