College for Teens/College for Kids
“Education is the Key to Succeed”
The College for Teens Summer Program offers high school credit classes. Upon successful completion of these classes, students earn San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) credits. Students and parents are advised to consult with their school counselors before registering for classes. All students attending College for Teens for high school credit must also submit “Permission to Apply” Form with their counselor’s consent. The College for Teens is available to current high schoolers.
The College for Kids Summer Program offers various weekly workshops for fun and enrichment. The College for Kids is available to current 6th graders and up.
Summer 2013
The College for Teens/College for Kids classes/workshops are available for Summer 2013. Classes/workshops will be held at the Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Avenue, Bungalow 700 Series (please see maps below).
·        Campus Map
·        Bungalow 700 Series Map
College for Kids Workshop Details
·        Self-Discovery
·        Math Wizards
·        Argumentation/Debate
·        Math Excursions
·        Garment Construction
·        Basic Electricity
·        Calculus for Kids
·        Jewelry
·        Chemistry for Kids
·        Shoe Design
·        Bridge Design
·        Recycled Sweaters
·        Water Resources
·        Drawing Academy
·        Trigonometry for Kids
·        Creative Writing
·        Introduction to Astronomy
How To Register
Registration for classes is on a first-come, first-served basis. NO CLASS GUARANTEES.
Registration begins @ 8AM on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 (In person ONLY) Downtown Campus, 88 Fourth Street, 2nd Floor, SF  94103 is where you will turn in the required application form along with a check or credit card payment.Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.
Office hours: Mondays-Thursdays from 8AM-4:45PM Fridays from 8AM-4:45PM
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