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FACES SF News / March 2013


FACES SF serves San Francisco’s working poor, offering subsidized childcare, job training, and family support services.

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Every dollar invested in childcare yields returns of up to 17 times.



Expanding Capacity at Bayview

Toddler Room at Bayview
Toddler Room at Bayview

FACES SF has added a new toddler room at our Bayview site. The new room, funded by the City of San Francisco, adds eight slots for toddlers at our Bayview child development center.  Renovations involved adding a toddler bathroom to an existing preschool room, as well as re-painting.

The addition of toddler slots at Bayview  “really provides our families with a broader scope of services,” says Kim Wong, Director of  the Preschool and After School programs.  “Because of this change we can now serve children from one and a half  to 12 years old right under the same roof.  It’s a great thing for the children because they’ll have continuity of care through their formative years.”

With the addition of a toddler room at Bayview,  additional teacher training becomes necessary. To that end, the PITC (Program for Infant Toddler Care) will start training new toddler teachers, as well as existing teachers, some time in March.

“We tend to think that anybody can work with toddlers,” says Wong, “but that’s not true. Toddlers are at a different stage of life and are a specialized field. For the teachers, the new training gives them a chance to work with toddlers and teaches them how to work with their parents.”

Reaching for Dreams: The FACES SF Fathers Program

Father Video Thumb

Jerry’s moving story of finding hope and a new life is an inspiration. And a testament to the powerful changes our Fathers Program helps fathers achieve.

New Faces on the FACES SF Board

Nina Quarequio Jo Anne KizineWe are pleased to announce the addition of two members to our Board of Directors. Nina Quarequio joined the Board of FACES SF in January 2013. Nina is a Partner with Marcum LLP, Accountants and Advisors, in San Francisco. She has more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance. Prior to joining Marcum, she served as Vice President of Finance for a division of a public company and Chief Financial Officer for a private company. In addition, she has held positions with  “Big 4” accounting practices. Nina is a CPA and has a BS in Accounting.

Jo Anne Kizine joined the Board of FACES SF in November 2012. After earning her AS Degree in Health Science from Peralta College, she spent over 20 years in the legal industry working in Administration/Human Resources. She currently works at a property management company dedicated to the production of affordable housing and active investment in the social and economic health of San Francisco.  She is the mother of two daughters. Her two grandchildren (5 and 7) are enrolled in the FACES SF after-school program.


FACES SF serves San Francisco’s most vulnerable and impoverished communities. We offer high-quality subsidized child care and development services, job training, and parent support services, continuing our proud tradition of ending poverty one family at a time.

For more information, contact: bscheinman@facessf.org.

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