Here is a job announcement for a “Turn Around ED” position with a
non-profit in East Palo Alto. I’ve been asked to share it with my
networks, so I thought I’d pass it on.


Seeking a Turn–‐Around Executive Director for Vital Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Services Agency in East Palo Alto, CA

Position: Turn–‐Around Executive Director

Summary Description: Seeking a proven leader to step in to strategically revitalize an agency serving those in the greatest need with critical services of substance abuse intervention, treatment and HIV/AIDS prevention and criminal justice system re–‐entry. The agency is currently under significant financial stress and has cut operating costs to the bare minimum to maintain services. The agency has a good track record leading the field of community–‐based treatment models, and a strong internal leader for program operations and good direct services staff with a deep understanding of the community.

A turn–‐around Executive Director will be leading a strategic plan to rebuild the financial strategy of the organization, strengthen external relationships with government funders and with private foundations and donors. The goal is to bring the organization back to stability and more importantly to addressing the evolving needs of the community with the innovation of programs and new practices going forward. The first undertaking of the role will be the creation of a strategic revitalization plan and working with the Board and community leaders to bring in the resources for immediate stabilization. The Board has already identified a group of supportive donors but a new Executive Director to lead the turn–‐around is a must. Minimum 2 year commitment required.



  • First and foremost the heart of lion tocome into the situation with strength and fight
  • Prior Experience as Executive Director

  • Prior experience with strategic leadership – in the business or non–‐profit sector

  • Experience building financial plans including overseeing budgets

  • Prior knowledge of fundraising and the ability to represent community needs to the external funders – including government agencies, foundations & private donors

  • Bachelor Degree required, advance degree preferred

Agency: Free at Last


Location: Main Office: 1796 Bay Road, East Palo Alto CA, additional facilities located in nearby area.

Contact:, Gerardo Barragan

Phone: 650–‐462–‐6999

Process: More detailed conversations about the opportunity and the challenges will be held after resumes and letter of interest are received.




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