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We wanna get Creative Resourceful and Whole with you!!

We are exploring the possibility of running a monthly training series for organizations that work with Bay Area Teens and we thought you might wanna participate

Over the past 3 years, Be the Change Consulting has developed a unique leadership program called Creative, Resourceful and Whole, designed specifically for teen-aged youth growing up in at-risk environments, academically disengaged, or non-traditional teen leaders.

This program developed organically from several projects working directly with young people in leadership development, workforce development, and rites of passage work to support young men and women’s transition into adulthood.  As we worked with our young people we found many of them had a passion to discover a deeper version of themselves, but were struggling to build connections and were afraid to dream outside of their comfort zones.  All of these challenges were continuous blocks to youth development outcomes of healthy employment, relationship building, and skill building toward economic self-sufficiency.

As a response, we combined what we have learned through life coaching programs, somatics and trauma analysis, and youth development theory to develop a six module curriculum to guide young people through an inner journey to deepen their sense of self, in order to ultimately make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

This program creates a connection between young people’s personal self-awareness, identify core values, make choices in alignment with these core values, take action, and build intentional connections to others.


Intrigued?? Open the attachment to learn more. Yit reply and let us know you would like to explore if this amazing professional development opportunity is the right fit for your organization.


So lets take 2013 by storm!! Tanya (y Sangita)

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