Dear DCYF Grantees,


Lights on Afterschool – a national event to increase awareness of the importance of afterschool – is less than a month away! On Thursday, October 18th, afterschool programs across San Francisco and nationwide will be recognizing the important role afterschool plays in the lives of children, families and communities.


Join us in a Citywide Lights On Afterschool Awareness Campaign!


As part of this year’s Lights on Afterschool events, the San Francisco Afterschool for All Initiative (AFA) will be sponsoring a citywide awareness campaign to showcase how afterschool programs support working families. AFA will be collecting short letters from family members of afterschool program participants to send to elected officials and city leaders.


But we need your help!!


Attached you will find a light bulb template for parents/family members to fill out. DCYF and the Afterschool for All effort is asking that families in afterschool programs fill out the template and complete the sentence, “My family counts on this afterschool program because…”


Please ask your families to complete the light bulbs, collect the light bulbs (or photo copies if you want to keep originals), and send in light bulbs completed by family members by Oct 15th to Jessie Mandle at DCYF via mail (1390 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco 94102), fax (554-8965), or scan them ( so they can be part of the citywide campaign and distributed to elected officials.  OR, you can bring completed family testimonials to the DCYF All Grantee meeting on October 11th .


AFA will award a prize to the program that turns in the most testimonials!!

As a reminder, all DCYF grantees that operate an afterschool program are required to participate in or host a Lights on Afterschool Event. Please register your event at the Afterschool Alliance Website (


What does a Lights on Afterschool event look like?


  • ·               Light Bulb Art: Have students decorate light bulb cut-outs as part of your celebration. Or, have family members complete a light bulb cut out. Light bulb art is one of the hallmarks of Lights On Afterschool.
  • ·              Invite a local leader—or candidate in the upcoming election—to tour your program
  • ·              Hold a youth-led rally or march to drum up the much-needed support for afterschool programs
  • ·              Visit the Afterschool Alliance Website for more ideas, sample press kits, posters, fact sheets, and the opportunity to win prizes for your organization!


For more information, contact Jessie Mandle at 554-8958, or



Thank you for all that you’re doing to build enriching afterschool programs in San Francisco!

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